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Healthy senses, happy you

Keep your sensory gateways open with Ayurveda

Sight, the sense of smell and soundswe hear, open up the world for us. Nature has given special importance to sense organs by placing them on the head.

Diseases of these special organs are caused by excessive or improper use, or environmental factors which are explained in Ayurveda as AstamyaIndriyarthSanyog and Parinam. Constant use of electronic screens, listening to music, being in a noisy environment, working in dimly lit conditions or being exposed to very bright lights are some examples of improper use of the organs and environmental factors. Eating non-nutritious foods, smoking, improper personal hygiene are also contributing factors. In Ayurveda, these diseases are treated and managed under the special Shalakya Tantra branch.

Excessive use of gadgets

and decreasing quality of food and lifestyle has made vision and auditory problems very common. Ayurveda has helped thousands around the world prolong the health of their sense organs with personalized treatment, medicines and specially prepared diet and lifestyle plans.

Anand Ayurveda!

Begin your personalised healing journey at Anand Ayurveda Ayurveda by consulting an Ayurvedic ENT specialist today. Anand Ayurveda specialists have already treated thousands of patience for eye, nose, throat and oral disorders with Ayurvedic treatment and holistic diet and lifestyle plans over the last 27 years.

Aayunique - Our Treatment Philosphy Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too. Anand Ayurveda doctors take the Aayunique approach, which includes: