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Hair And Skin

Healthy skin and hair are windows to your inner health

Keep them healthy with Ayurveda

Personalized Ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy and hair disease is complimented by customized skin & hair care routine and home remedy based on the problem. Use of chemical-based cosmetics, exposure to excessive heat or pollution, stress and lack of proper nutrition can create imbalances in the doshas and lead to common skin and hair problems such as acne, pimples, black heads, wrinkles, dark spots, premature graying, hair loss, alopecia, psoriasis, eczema, hives, and vitiligo. Often what appears to be a superficial problem can have deeper root-causes that may affect your overall wellness. Ayurveda can help.

1 in 6 people in the world have some degree of hair problem or skin allergy.

Most scalp conditions lead to hair loss or some type of skin rash. Many are hereditary. Malnutrition or infection can also cause scalp conditions. The treatment and your outlook depend on the condition that’s causing the scalp problems.

Anand Ayurveda!

Thousands are managing their problems with Ayurvedic medicine and home remedy provided at Anand Ayurveda. Doctors at Anand Ayurveda have successfully consulted 12321 cases of skin allergy & hair problems and treated the root-cause with personalized diet and lifestyle. Consult a Anand Ayurveda doctor today.

Aayunique - Our Treatment Philosphy Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too. Anand Ayurveda doctors take the Aayunique approach, which includes: